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I don’t usually post anything that isn’t related to creative things I’ve been doing… but this is something I’ve been pretty proud of and working on for a long time…

Finally received Harvest Moon 64 (the Japanese version) in the post today and my friend wanted to see the collection, so I got them all off my shelves and laid them out on the floor. They’re in a pretty rough order because they’re roughly in the order I got them off the shelves… so some might be in the wrong place/not with it’s console buddies. Oops. Never mind. I do also have 2 of the 3 sets of Grand Bazaar cards but I forgot to get them out of Grand Bazaar’s box. Oops again. This collection includes Rune Factory, Innocent Life and HomeTown Story.

All of these have their books too. And I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help of my good friend, Kaji. So thank-you, Kaji! <3

Living in the UK makes it hard to get a hold of the plush. =( (And yes, the framed art is an original I won. =) The black thing is a bag.)

But yes, it took a while to get them all out and put them all back, so I figured I may as well share.